Thursday, April 15, 2010

Press Release: "Black or White It Just Ain't Right"

"Black or White It Just Ain't Right"

Boomalli Aboriginal Artist Co-operative is staging a Gala Event and Artist Expo in support of the ongoing artistic programming at their home gallery and challenge the imminent closure of this, our longest running Aboriginal Artists' Cooperatives and flagship for self determination over the course of 23 years.

Boomalli Founding members are to be joined by more recent members and other Non-Indigenous artists and collectors alike in a show of solidarity for this historic arts organisation. Each are presenting artworks towards an exhibition of a world class standard towards Boomalli's survival.

The artists are from all over Australia and as far as America including Arone Raymond Meeks, Adam Hill, Clinton Cross, Euphemia Bostock, Bronwyn Bancroft, Clint Lingard, Jeffrey Samuels, Gordon Syron, Elaine Syron, Gordon Hookey, Jenny Fraser, Wayne Quilliam, Tracey Benson, Bianca Beetson, Geoffrey Ferguson, Dan Taulapapa McMullin, Francis Belle Parker, Michelle Blakeney, Juno Gemes, Chantal Fraser, Penny Evans and more.

The collective and event organisers are also inviting artlovers to experience a two day event of talks by leading Aboriginal Artists, Curators and thinkers, including James Wilson Miller from the Powerhouse Museum, Lynn Riley from Sydney University, Lola Forester, Boomalli founding members Bronwyn Bancroft, Euphemia Bostock and Jeffrey Samuels and more.

The title for this showcase fundraiser is 'BLACK OR WHITE IT JUST AIN"T RIGHT' and Boomallis official comment about the show is 'With the intervention raging like a wild bushfire and degrading the last embers of hope, it is TIME to stand up and be counted. It is TIME to stand as Brother and Sister, Aunt and Uncle, as a united community of people who care about saving history and not letting it get wiped off the Australian history slate like so much of our history.

We as a community have to get up and fight for Boomalli.

Artists and lovers of Indigenous NSW art need to show their support. There is still very little funding to be found for NSW art unless we instigate it. We are forever being overlooked by state and federal government art organisations overseen now by many Indigenous decision makers. We have individual artistic talent in New South Wales with many artists having their work exhibited in cultural institutions throughout this state, nationally and overseas. It’s the only way for NSW artistic self determination to succeed because no one else is going to do it for us.'

Boomalli is still seeking support in the form of artwork or volunteering to assist in staging the Gala weekend.

To be involved in the artist expo contact us: Contact: Amy Griffiths 0414585238; Bronwyn Bancroft: 02 98105118

To arrange a time to drop off your works, contact: Jeffrey Samuels 0416 566 411

What: Boomalli Gala Event and Artist Expo: Gallery talks and art exhibition

Why: Because it is for one of the best causes that you will be asked to help

Where: 55-59 Flood Street Leichhardt. NSW

When: Saturday 1 to Sunday 2 May 2010, 1pm to 3pm

For more information contact:Amy Griffiths 0414585238; Bronwyn Bancroft: 02 9810 5118

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